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2009-10 PA Budget Passes; Drexel SIM is Back on the Road!

Thanks to TD Bank, Drexel Science in Motion was able to continue its operation through September, while waiting anxiously to see what would happen in Harrisburg. At last---the 2009-10 budget passed, allowing us to continue serving teachers and students in Philadelphia for the rest of the school year. Thank you to all the teachers and students who helped make this happen by contacting their legislators.

Harrisburg Road Trip

Annual trips to Harrisburg give the SIM staff a chance to show legislators what our program can do. The photos below were taken in the capitol building during one of these springtime visits. Visitors to the Capitol (on the right) are always interested in the display.

School Visits and Experiments

This is what SIM does almost every day of the school year. Teachers request experiments and our outstanding Mobile Educator, Charlie Boritz, provides everything they need.

Students at Bartram Motivational (top) and Masterman High School (bottom) determine melting points.

An AP Chemistry class at Furness High School (above) distills acetone from various brands of nail polish removers. The use of ice-cooled condensers, developed by Drexel�s SIM program, makes this experiment convenient and one of our most popular.

Students above perform an acid-base titration at the John Wanamaker Middle School.

Young students learn to take a spectrum of blue, red, and green food dyes.

Students at Ben Franklin High School measure the pH of household chemicals using digital pH meters. One student noted that, "using the machines is easier than the cabbage juice [used to test pH the week before] once you understand how to use them."

Students at Leed's Military Academy (above) record their data for the Density of Solids experiment.

�It was cool,� remarked students who were measuring the line spectra of glowing elements.
An experiment, on the density and concentration of aqueous KI solutions gave the Masterman High students access to extremely sensitive analytical balances, which enabled them to measure masses to the nearest tenth of a milligram.

Science Fair!

SIM is happy to assist students with their projects by supplying chemicals, instruments, and advice.

A 10th Grade student from Masterman High School and her award winning science fair project based on an experiment provided by Science In Motion. She received the gold medal in the George Washington Carver Science Fair and the silver medal in the Delaware Valley Science Fair.

SIM Goes to Summer Camp

Drexel Science in Motion is in operation all year round.

Above, a group of 7th to 10th grade students take a break from shooting free throws to learn some chemistry. Science In Motion visited the Rasheed Wallace Basketball Summer Camp at Simon Gratz High School where Dr. Sally Solomon demonstrated liquid nitrogen, flash paper, giant bubbles, invisible writing, making polymers, and much more.

Science In Motion took part in the School District of Philadelphia Forensics Science Camp held at Masterman School. Our staff developed special materials to introduce enthusiastic students to the science of crime solving using hands-on laboratory activities to analyze gunshot residue, bullet type, and presence of trace materials. Based on the information given and their analysis, they were actually able to solve a mystery.

Drexel University ~ Department of Chemistry
32nd & Chestnut Streets ~ Philadelphia PA, 19104-2875

Dr. Dr. Susan Rutkowsky, Director 215-895-1509
Charlie Boritz, Mobile Educator 215-895-2685