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Dr. Sally Solomon

In memory of Dr. Solomon: Sally Solomon was a professor in the department of chemistry at Drexel University . Her graduate group specialized in developing materials for chemical education and training. Projects included the design of intelligent tutoring systems that respond to natural language. Other projects that fit very well with the goals of Science in Motion were the utilization of household chemicals throughout the curriculum along with the development of new laboratory experiments for all levels.

Dr. Susan Rutkowsky

Susan Rutkowsky is a recent graduate of the Drexel Ph.D. program with a doctorate in the area of organic chemistry. Her thesis work focused on the development of methodologies for the stereoselective synthesis of single amine isomers, compounds important in pharmaceuticals. Susan's unique background in business and accounting combined with scientific expertise makes her an invaluable member of the Drexel Science in Motion team. Dr. Rutkowsky plans to use her broad range of skills and experiences in industrial research and development.

Charlie Boritz
Mobile Educator

Charlie Boritz is the newest member of the Drexel Science in Motion team. In addition to being a graduate of Southern Illinois University's Industrial Technology program, he has an extensive background in the field of Precision Measuring Equipment. During his 25 years in the United States Air Force, he has developed, implemented, and maintained numerous technical training programs at Air Force bases around the world.

Drexel University ~ Department of Chemistry
32nd & Chestnut Streets ~ Philadelphia PA, 19104-2875

Dr. Sally Solomon, Director 215-895-2642
Dr. Susan Rutkowsky, Co-Director 215-895-1509
Charlie Boritz, Mobile Educator 215-895-2685